1963 BSA Rocket Gold Star

Owned by a collector, who is down sizing. Great retro style, learner legal, economical and very comfortable. V5C, HPi certificate clear , dealer pack, service book and two keys. It rides as well as it pushes! This rare trials bike could NOT be better presented being in truly exceptional condition. Benefits from being road registered. The frame was designed by Jim Lee of Dalesman fame, and uses Reynold’s tubing.

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The BSA Magnum sits higher in the hand than say a Webley Tempest thus tending to amplify the muzzle lift upon firing, but nothing too excessive. I am aware of criticisms from other owners of the apparently less than comfortable grip, but have found it fits my hand quite well. The cutaway on the left side of the grip is filled by my thumb and the cutaway on the right side allows the first pad of my trigger finger to fall almost perfectly at rightangles to the trigger blade.

The Venturing program is the young adult, high adventure program of the Boy Scouts of America. It is co-educational and includes young people from 14 through 20 years of age.

I address all Britons regardless of age or sex, because I believe that our wisest advisers in the remote and recent past have been right in urging us to adopt compulsory military training as the foundation of national security. It is the duty of Britons to serve our country, and rifle shooting is a form of service which provides recreation and fun, in conditions which require collective and individual discipline in its least irksome form.

Some people believe that we are a nation of natural marksmen-as though there were such a thing as a natural marksman! It hath bene Goddes instrumente, whereby he hath gyue vs manye victories agaynste oure enemyes. But nowe we haue taken up whorynge in tounes, in steede of shutyng in the fyeldes. A wonderous thynge, that so excellente a gift of God shoulde be so lytle estemed. It is revealing to compare the proportion of our population who shoot at all with the vast numbers in other nations who learn the use of the rifle as a matter of course, for example in Switzerland, Russia, Finland, the United States, and the Dominions.

Only in this country, outside the Services and cadet organisations and in spite of the N. National Rifle Association and the S.


They require no licence, as long as certain conditions are upheld. A full list of these Section 58 Obsolete Calibres can be found below: Antique Firearms This is the guidance which the Home Office has given to the police about antique firearms: Section 58 2 of the Firearms Act exempts from the provisions of the Act — including certificate controls under Sections 1 and 2 and prohibition under section 5- antique firearms which are sold, transferred, purchased, acquired or possessed as curiosities or ornaments.

In issuing guidance on this matter, the Home Office has always taken the view that this term should be taken to cover those firearms of a vintage and design such that their free possession does not pose a realistic danger to public safety. No licence needed for old muzzle loaders.

No Registration docs, but these are easily obtained after getting a dating certificate from the BSA owners club. All in all a nice project bike that will be great when finished, I just don’t have the time now.

That was the estimate Bonhams had in mind for this piece of classic bike history when it came up for auction at the firm’s October sale at Stafford. A very respectable 57bhp was claimed with the maximum speed touching mph. But Hobbs was unsatisfied and took the bike to Ted “Barry” Baragwanath pictured left. Baragwanath, a well-known and well-respected Brooklands sidecar racer and tuner who also ran a motor repair business in North London and was noted for wearing a winged collar with his riding gear coaxed the horsepower up to around 65 from This was achieved by increasing the compression ratio to 8.

Moby was now able to hit mph in top gear 3rd , and reach mph in second. Despite all this, Hobbs didn’t fare as well as he’d hoped at Brooklands, but he did better at the Gatwick Speed Trials in both the solo and the sidecar class. By , Moby Dick was sold and passed through the hands of Alfred J Cain and Tom Eccles, the latter of whom kept the bike for 40 years. Bonhams is bound to be disappointed at the result of this sale, and will no doubt be looking anxiously at their next sale at Harrogate to see if this represents a new downward trend see item below.

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Have no idea why it is a 51 plate The Not so goods: It handles very well and does not affect the handling. Overall this is a great entry level Ariel that looks amazing. Really depends on how fussy you are.

DVLA & Machine Dating. If your Bantam hasn’t been on the road since then there is a good chance you don’t have a V5 for it. You can use the Club Dating Officer facility to .

BMW frame and engine numbers on Phil Hawksleys website. Plus loads of other BMW info. If the bike is known to the DVLA, then just apply for a duplicate registration document. Failing that, it is possible to recover the original registration number under the V scheme, details of which can be had from the VMCC Library.

Briefly you would need some piece of paperwork to support an application to retain the original number for your machine. Something like the old Log Book or an old tax disc would be ideal. Another option is a certified copy of the original record from the original registering authority. To find the name of the original registration authority and where it’s archive now is, needs a bit of detective work.

Note that not all registration authority records have been saved in an archive, so you may be unlucky. Firstly you need to determine the authority that originally issued your registration number, that you can find here in this PDF file. There’s a lot of information in the file and it has been put together in country England, Wales, Scotland etc order.


Classic Super Bikes Fleet, Hampshire. Restored and rebuilt by an experienced marque specialist in Sweden and still requiring some running in, it’s excellent in all regards except for the left silencer which has been damaged by a battery acid leak. Still awaiting workshop appraisal here, after which a video will be added, but we are reliably assured it runs faultlessly and the restoration work looks to be of a high standard. Matching numbers machine with all the Swedish documents in order so if it sells in the UK you’ll be the first owner and we’ll help with the process so it’ll be trouble-free.

Recently fettled to perfection and it shows:

First you will need to decide what you require a dating certificate for. If it is just for information I will require rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers.

Have no idea why it is a 51 plate The Not so goods: It handles very well and does not affect the handling. Overall this is a great entry level Ariel that looks amazing. Really depends on how fussy you are. I will accept PayPal for a deposit, the balance can be paid by personal check when it clears , cashiers check when it clears and of course cash If you would like more photos I can provide them.

Posted April Ariel Square Four. Beautiful bike, stored for years without headway on restoration. My sisters and I are in possession of his Ariel Sq 4. The bike has been sitting for a few years and the rubber has deteriorated somewhat but the bike did win 3rd place at the meet in Lake Cachuma in The bike runs well but should have the carburetor gone through as it has been sitting for a few years. Mostly, we would like the bike to be bought by someone who really appreciates what they are getting.

BSA Gold Star – 1958 Restored Motorcycle

He often utilised actions from other manufacturers, particularly BSA full-bore and small frame Cadet , and built his own rifles around them. He also led the field with his own miniature calibre “take-down” designs. Few gunmakers could produce a truly reliable and accurate take-down target rifle; his own system, in which the action body was split below the barrel and clamped onto the barrel breech thread, became well respected and commonplace. The catalogue, from which replications are here shown, is undated; however, it holds mention of Greener’s newly published edition of his book ” Sharpshooting for War and Defence” of which the ’emergency edition’ was dated October It appears that, with war imminent, W.

It was apparent that sport shooting was no longer a priority other than for putting food on the table.

by the Rules and Regulations, policies, and other guidelines of the Boy Scouts of America. Unit Scouter. A unit Scouter is an adult leader registered with a unit, except for a chartered of the Boy Scouts of America, or any local council or unit, is authorized to enter into a contract or.

Classic Super Bikes Fleet, Hampshire. Lots of work done. Very rare flat tanker. Paintwork a little tired. Totally restored, matching engine and frame numbers, V5C. No restoration documentation, but the new age related number was issued in Close finned alloy barrels. Nearly concours and unmolested.

Classic Air Pistol Association

You can purchase the appearance and performance of a Gold Star for a lot less than the asking price of the genuine article. Many people have created their own replicas over the years, so if you’re buying on a budget and are not too fussed about originality then a hotted-up B31 or 33 could be ideal. Ask to see the supporting paperwork and talk to the specialist who did the work if looking at the latter.

That same advice holds doubly true if you are spending big money on a ‘real’ Goldie. It’s very unusual for a pukka factory-built Gold Star to turn up in a barn covered in cobwebs these days, so most of the ones offered for sale should be known to the club and come with full documentation and a detailed history.

Dating certificate from the BSA owners club”The Machine was despatched from the factory to Cundles Liverpool On Sep at BST. seller added the following information: I have a letter from the BSA owners club “The Machine was dispatched from the .

OA 31cm, Bl 17cm. The two most prolific production periods being and These Australian rifles are WW2 dated and bear full Australian markings on the metal parts and wooden stocks, most especially the butt markings. An important addition to complete your Enfield collection. Deactivated to current EU-UK spec with certificate. Moving trigger and safety removable magazine. Mounted on the rare first pattern Anti-Aircraft Tripod. OA cm, Brl 74cm. We have thousands of items ready to purchase though our website and many more being uploaded daily.

Please feel free to contact us via email or on – if you are looking for anything in-particular, as we have a lot in stock that hasn’t yet been advertised. Comes with 2 20rnd magazines, 40 inert rounds and Swiss made tactical rail. A wonderful collection of premier firearms and military items from the Revolutionary War and Civil War, all the way through World War 2 and Vietnam.

Preview starts at 8:

1963 BSA Rocket Gold Star

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Mar 09,  · The frame number is the important one for the age of the bike. I am a member of the V.M.C.C. and have used them for my dating certificates (at a cost). Sadly I think all clubs charge for their services and charge non members more. People like Roy .

If it is just for information I will require rubbings or photographs of the engine and frame numbers. This certificate cannot be used for obtaining an age related dating certificate. It can be used for display purposes though. Please include a large stamped self- addressed envelope. The certificate is A4 size therefore it cannot be folded down into a small envelope. I would recommend a C5 envelope which allows a single fold to the certificate. If you are going to use the certificate for obtaining an age related registration The machine has to be road worthy and ready to use on the road.

It is a bit more complicated. If the machine has only been refurbished or imported then a new standard dating letter can be used. This will be titled Vehicle Report. This will be provided in addition to the dating certificate. The DVLA now require an inspection of the machine, however, we are intending as an initial stage to use photographs and by studying these we will decide those machines require a physical inspection.

BSA L27 350 Side Valve Motorcycle for sale 1927 in running condition 🙂 Motorcycle for sale