Tangled Family Tree

In Abandon and its sequel Reclaim , Ron rapes Hermione on her birthday, getting her pregnant. He also explodes a glass in Ginny’s face and attempts to poison Harry. During the summer Dudley and his buddies gangrape Harry. Dumbledore had Vernon under Imperius so that he would molest Harry from a young age in order to “teach Harry his place in the world. He goes a week without food or water, Dudley gives him piss to drink, and as a Christmas tradition every year Vernon and Dudley torture Harry with knives, skinning him alive. Harry mentions that the only thing Uncle Vernon doesn’t do is pimp him out, and that’s only because it hasn’t occurred to him yet. Dumbledore is fully aware of the abuse and encourages it to happen. Dumbledore also routinely brainwashes Harry with Legilimency, implanting feelings of worthlessness so that Harry will be willing to kill himself later for the sake of Dumbledore’s plan.

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Draco Malfoy, ever getting himself into situations that money seems to only nearly solve, offers a spare bed in a flat he does not own to his now good friend and subject of his affections – Hermione Granger.

CherryTwister Hermione and Draco have been together secretly since their fifth year. Now they are Head Boy and Girl, but the secrecy of their relationship could tear them apart. Hermione and Draco have been together secretly since their fifth year. Don’t own Harry Potter in anyway. Rated M for some sexual parts, so beware! Since my first oneshot was well received I decided to write a longer fanfiction this time.

I hope everyone enjoys! My eyes were blurry and I frowned when I saw the colors green and silver. Why was my room decorated in green and silver? Then I heard a moan and the arms around my belly tightened and pulled me closer to a hard chest. Finally it dawned on me that I had slept in Draco’s room. Everyone once and awhile we sleep in his room.

I usually prefer to sleep in my own room, but Draco swears his bed is more comfortable. It didn’t really matter which room we slept in because being Head Boy and Girl we both had our own rooms.

Our Secret / Dramione Fanfiction

Harry wants to make his own mark on the wizarding world and with the resources at his disposal and his popularity at an all time high now is the time to forge his own path. Homo Superior by Vahn reviews Homo Superior: Above or beyond the human; preternatural or supernatural. Beyond ordinary or normal human ability, power, or experience.

The three mutants the X-men finds at Jusendo will either change everything or help maintain the balance. Pansy could have any mudblood servant she wanted, but as far as she’s concerned, Hermione is just perfect.

Mar 24,  · This comes from a skit comparing two different middle aged couple who are dating. One is the calm, well-mannered, somewhat average couple, but the other one is loud, obnoxious, and cheesy. Loads of people who maybe don’t read fanfiction ship otp’s as reality on Tumblr. it makes me wonder if you aren’t secretly ashamed.

In the final arc, Ichigo’s heritage is starting to look this way. Ichigo and his two younger sisters are first cousins of Kaien, Kuukaku, and Ganju via their father Isshin, the Shibas’ uncle. The Kurosaki siblings are also second cousins of Uryuu Ishida through their mother, Masaki, first cousin of Uryuu Ishida’s father, Ryuuken. Since all Quincies descend from the villainous Quincy progenitor king, Ichigo and Ishida and both their families is even related to the Big Bad.

And that’s not even getting into the fact that at one point the Ishida Family wanted to marry Ryuuken off to Masaki as the heirs to the last remaining Blue Blood families. Or the fact that Kanae Katagiri, the woman Ryuuken married instead , was a mixed-blood Quincy and thus also a relative, if a very distant one.

The Tamura family tree looks a little like a tumbleweed by the end. In the anime version of Fullmetal Alchemist , Ed and Al “give birth to” their own mother, only it’s not their mother anymore, it’s Sloth. Ed lost his arm and leg to the process, and Al lost his entire body. Wrath’s arm is Ed’s so Wrath is in a way Ed.

Wrath views Sloth as his mother, but Wrath’s real mother was the woman who taught Ed and Al alchemy. There’s also Envy who is a homunculus created from their half brother by their father Hohenheim and whose mother was Dante, the Big Bad , who created Greed and Pride and tried to commit Grand Theft Me on Rose so that Ed would fall in love with her.

Hermione And Draco Secretly Hookup Fanfiction

Her eyes darted up and met with steely grey ones. She quickly turned on the spot and ran out of the bathroom, completely forgetting her full bladder. All thoughts were on Draco Malfoy, and his tear filled eyes. It was only when the target hit by the curse had collapsed to the floor with a thud that the red-head realised his enemy was still alive a Hermione Granger has returned to finish her seventh year, memoriees of the people she’s lost haunting her every day.

Appointed Head girl, she finds out she will be paired with none other than the Slytherin Prince, Draco Malfoy.

Evening ‘Eve’ Bellatrix Hermione Malfoy, the daughter of Draco and Hermione. She begins Hogwarts at age eleven. She befriends Albus Potter, who is friends with her half-brother Scorpius.

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Broken Heart by superscar reviews Hermione has trouble moving on after her relationship with Draco Malfoy. Hermione Malfoy Chapter Two, a harry potter fanfic I tossed my books across my bed and sat down heavily. Nott dipped his head in acceptance. He’d been the lucky bloke to win her virginity back then, and although the event hadn’t been all roses and romance, it had definitely Nice Foreign Bubble Butt Milf him since – and not in a good way.

Hermione and draco are dating fanfiction. 8 Simple Rules For Dating Hermione Granger, a harry potter fanfic Jack and kim are dating fanfiction.

Pokedex by Birdboy reviews A drabble collection of the sort of pokemon world lore you might find in an expanded version of the pokedex. T – English – Chapters: Alone behind enemy lines he is at the mercy of Azula, but will his charm sway her to reconsider? Azula’s not the only girl interested though. Last Airbender – Rated: M – English – Chapters:

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I made this chapter quite lengthy just to make it up to you: The pair whirled around to face a bemused Lucius Malfoy. Draco scowled and shook his head. He took Hermione by the hand.

The Gryffindor genius Hermione Granger and her rival enemy Draco Malfoy were both dared by their house mates to enter the forbidden forest alone after midnight. Though neither of them knew they’d be seeing each other there, they sure had a long unexpected night ahead of them.

Elanor on Sat May 14, Jones – Dec 3, 3: Then I called back into to Mugglenet again to discover that the guy who wrote it made it up, to teach us all a lesson that we shouldn’t believe or be swayed by everything we read Jones – Dec 4, Yeah, I knew it was fake but I found it quite funny you gotta admit, it made for a darn good chuckle. We actually discussed the real Greek story behind Hermione somewhere EZboards maybe? There’s also another one, Who’s Bewitching Who?

A lot of people have told me I’m like Luna — detached, dreamy, vague, considered a little crazy Look how she laughed at his joke on the train, look how she keeps calling him Ronald and cheering him and his House on at Quidditch matches, and also look how irritated Ron gets with her because he can’t get her personality a single bit. Ron is like a guy I liked, Brian. Which world do you live in?! Astrologically speaking, I would say Luna is most likely an Aquarian like me she has every single mad Aquarian quality!

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SlytherinGurrl Draco and Hermione are in a secret relationship, and Draco decides to let the cat out of the bag at Harry and Ginny’s engagement party. I’m back from my hiatus.. So here it is How Draco got suckered into it he’ll never know, but he didn’t care. Because tonight was her night. He wanted to make sure everything was going to be perfect because tonight was the night he was going to- “Oh, shit!

Being a villain and dating Barry Barry finds out you are a meta human Standing up for Hermione when Draco picks on her Being Izzy’s parabati and secretly dating Alec Having your first kiss with Alec Jealous Alec Fighting on a mission with your parabati Izzy.


Tangled Family Tree


What happens when hermione granger dramione fanfiction; harry, will find draco malfoy since: draco’s story i have saved the play. Will find out something that hermione and hermione granger. Dating secretly since their fifth year.


Dramione (love story) – Part 12